During Covid-19 Pandemic

Bolton Oven Cleaning Specialists

Keeping you safe during Covid-19 pandemic

Having closed the business since lockdown commenced for the safety of our customers, our families and our community we are now going to resume, in line with government guidance.

To ensure we do so safely for everyone, we have completed a risk assessment to show those commitments we intend to make to ensure the risk is reduced to as low a level as possible and under what circumstances we feel it would not be safe to visit you at home at the present time.

Risk Assessment for Contacts in Your Home during Covid-19 Pandemic
To reduce risk to the lowest possible level by taking preventative measures

Making the appointment in advance by telephone/ message

  • I will ask you if there is anyone in your household who is classed as clinically vulnerable, who has been advised to shield or who has symptoms                                                                                                                      If the answer to any of these is yes, I will not be able to clean your oven at the present time                                                                                                If the answer is no, we will discuss how the work will be carried out to minimise risk for everyone
  • I will ask that we all maintain the social distancing guidelines whilst I am with you
  • I will ask that the number of people in the house is as low as possible whilst I am working

Travelling to and from your property

  • I will be travelling alone in my own vehicle
  • Before I leave my van, I shall clean my hands with hand sanitiser

Whilst I am with you

  • I will comply with the social distancing guidelines
  • I will wear a face mask when talking to you
  • I will ask that you leave all necessary internal doors open to minimise contact with door handles unless this may result in a smoke alarm going off
  • Where it is possible, I will ask that you leave the back door and/or windows open
  • I will ask if I may wash my hands at your kitchen sink before I touch anything
  • I will then wear clean disposable gloves
  • Whilst cleaning your oven I will put another pair of gloves on, over the disposables
  • Whilst cleaning equipment in the tank in my van I will put a pair of gauntlet gloves over the disposables
  • I will wipe any surface that I am putting any equipment on with disposable disinfectant wipes
  • I will regularly clean any objects and surfaces using disinfectant wipes
  • I will take away and safely dispose of all waste at the end of a job
  • I will bring my own bottled water to drink


  • I will ask that you pay me either by cash in an envelope or via BACS
  • If you require an invoice, I will ask for your email address and send it to you that way within 24 hours