How do we do what we do?

How does Tony work his magic?   

Before he starts Tony will agree with you exactly what you want him to clean eg the oven(s), hob, extractor, microwave

He will ensure all areas around your oven are protected, so no mess

He will safely and professionally remove all detachable parts that come with the oven eg racks, grill pans, shelves, fans, side and rear panels

He then places them in the specially heated van mounted tank to enable all carbon build-up to be dissolved

Whilst this is happening, he will manually deep clean your oven, including the door and glass

He will then return all parts to your oven and carry out a final polish

Tony will check with you that you are satisfied with the work undertaken; like many of our customers you, too, will be over the moon with the fantastic results obtained

                    Remember, he can even replace bulbs, fans and filter paper at your request

What’s the result?

Well, here’s some before and afters!!

[metaslider id=137]

[metaslider id=131]

So why use Bolton Oven Cleaning Specialists?

When Tony is finished, your tired and grubby oven will be like new 

We are professional specialists with experience, knowledge and the best equipment

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