Local to Bolton

Local to Bolton

Bolton Oven Cleaning Specialists are a truly local business.

We are probably the only truly local, independent oven cleaning service in Bolton

1. We live in Little Lever: we are not just targeting this area for work and living elsewhere. Look for the van on Tong Road.

2. We run the business from our home address: we do not just use a Bolton address to try to pretend we are a local business, so we support our local economy. And now you know where to find us!!!

3. We have a Bolton landline number: not just a mobile, so you know we are really local.

4. We are a small, independent, family business; this means we do not have a large franchise company behind us, therefore we can be competitive . However, it also means we have to manage our own bookings, advertising and website etc!!

5. We are a one man band: Tony IS Bolton Oven Cleaning Specialists. He has no-one else working for him. Unfortunately we have competitors who use a very similar web address: so if you want Tony please ask for him by name. If you are offered anyone else then you haven’t reached us!!!

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